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I’m George Terry & I run Content Pro

Before going freelance, I had the good fortune to spend ten years working at some of the best creative & digital agencies in the UK.

It was a great time. I learned loads, met a whole bunch of awesome people and worked on some amazing brands. Including Adidas, Tesco, Heinz, ESPN, Aviva, NatWest, Citibank and many more.

I interviewed the All Blacks – which was the best day ever.

And I watched Arnie do a motivational speech at Tesco’s headquarters – which was pretty weird, if I’m honest.

When you enjoy your work, you work hard. So it wasn’t too long before I was promoted.

A year or so later it happened again. And a few more times.

Anyone that has climbed the agency ladder knows that the higher up you get, the less hands-on creative or strategic work you do.

Soon I was Content Director at Publicis Media Content, a large London agency. But the only thing that I was writing were emails. I was in a creative rut.

So I left London, moved to Bristol and struck out on my own. Now I work directly with B2B brands who want to improve their rate of lead generation through strategic content marketing.

If you want to learn more about my approach, check out the articles below:

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