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Content marketing consultant

It’s 2019 – everyone’s doing content marketing

But not everyone is doing it well.

I’ve worked in content marketing for ten years. And over the course of those years I’ve noticed something.

There are two kinds of content marketing.

The first is strategic, super-targeted, in-depth and totally focussed on the audience and helping them achieve their goals.

The second is sporadic, vague, lacking in detail and self-serving.

If you feel like your content marketing is in the latter – good news. ?

You’re in the right place.

“George increased our traffic by 220% and generated 680 leads in just seven months! I recommend him and his work highly.”

Jon ReaderCorporate Marketing Manager, Ricoh UK

Content marketing principle #1 – it’s not you, it’s them

How well do you know your customers? How much do you care about them? Are you willing to go the extra mile to make their day?

Because right now, that’s what it takes.

If brands want to create content that gets noticed, they need to target genuine pain points with well-researched keywords and they need to go BIG. That’s why a lot of my posts are over 2,000 words long.

You can check out a few examples below:

This may seem over the top, but ask yourself this:

If the topic that you’re covering isn’t worth writing that much about, is it worth reading about?

Or even better:

If you didn’t publish your next post, would anyone outside of your business care?

I go the extra mile for my readers because I know it works. My longer pieces – the last one above is 5,800 words – outperform my shorter pieces.

Plus, Brian Dean from Backlinko recently shared this graph, showing a clear relationship between post length and search rankings.

graph showing optimal word length for your b2b content marketing posts

So if you’re looking for a freelance content marketing consultant, make sure you pick one who:

  • Can identify proven pain points with targeted keywords – this post on generating blog ideas that will show you how I do this
  • Is able to go into detail and craft coherent, long form stories

Content marketing principle #2 – there’s no such thing as content marketing

Modern marketing is totally interconnected.

You can’t isolate content marketing from SEO or social. You can’t isolate email from lead generation.

We break these things up to make them easier to understand. But if you think in a siloed way, your customer journey will be fragmented.

My ‘100% Inbound model’ combines SEO, content marketing, lead generation & email to turn your website into a lead generation machine.

Want to learn more? Check out the infographic below.

infographic showing the 100% inbound model, broken down into four steps. step one - SEO. step two - content marketing and content creation. step three - conversion optimisation and lead generation. step four - email.

Looking for a freelance content marketing consultant?

So if you want to stop creating content which no one sees and start growing your traffic, your conversions and your business, drop me a line using the button below.