Why use free SEO analysis tools?

Regularly using SEO analysis tools is a must if you want to maintain strong rankings. If you don’t bother, your performance could be undermined by undiagnosed issues like broken links, slow page load speeds, duplicate content or a chaotic sitemap.

There are a dizzying array of free SEO analysis tools out there. If anything, too many. It’s impossible to keep track of them all. But there are a few that I return to again and again.


Seobility’s free analysis tool offers a pretty good spread of on-site site analysis features. If you upgrade (£39 a month) you can access their backlink tracking and keyword ranking features too.

The free version will crawl up to 1,000 pages on one domain and offers an impressive range of analyses. Crawls occur daily and reports are delivered by email once crawls are complete, with specific email warnings for serious problems.

For what it’s worth, Seobility is probably my favourite tool in this list. It offers more depth in terms of analysis than the others.

screenshot of free seo analysis tool seobility showing site seo performance


Woorank does a similar job as Seobility but can be added to your browser as a handy Chrome extension, serving up SEO insight at the click of a button.

It also presents the results in a way that some people might find easier to act on. Rather than listing out specific points or issues, it presents the results as a checklist of actions. Which makes it much easier to go through and resolve the issues one at a time.


Varvy presents all of its results in one page, which makes it quick and easy to use. And similar to Woorank, it present suggestions or solutions instead of problems.

It also has a load of content at the bottom of the page, below the results, to help SEO beginners and professionals max out their SEO.

There are a few technical SEO features included which Seobility doesn’t cover (like accessibility and Googlebot access). As a result, I often use it in tandem with Seobility to get the full picture.

screenshot of varvy free seo analysis tool results for content pro


Siteliner is a quick-and-easy SEO analysis tool. In terms of insights it doesn’t tell you much more than the tools listed above. But it has a cool feature that compares your site directly with all of the other sites in their database. So instead of getting, for example, 79/100 for page load speed, which is a pretty vague metric based on the developer’s own criteria, you’re told that your site is in the 79th percentile of all the sites that Siteliner has scanned.

screenshot of results for content pro free seo site analysis tool siteline

Google Search Console

It should go without saying but regularly checking Google Search Console is a must. Since Google Analytics can’t tell you much about your site’s search performance anymore, Google Search Console is the only way to get search performance data direct from the source.

Specifically, it can give you more data than other tools on sitemap indexing issues, which is crucial to make sure that your pages are being indexed and ranked properly. Also, it can tell you more than any other free tool about your site’s keyword and ranking performance.

Do you know any free SEO analysis tools that I’ve missed?

If so, drop me a line on LinkedIn and I can add them to the list. And if you’re looking for advice on generating high search traffic blog ideas, hit the link to check out my process.

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